It’s no secret that wigs make great protective hairstyles. If you’re new to wearing wigs it may take you a while to figure out the best wigs that fit your style and most importantly your budget.There are a Myriad of wigs to choose from ranging from hair type, styles, colors, length and different type of fibres This blog post would be focused on pointing out the key differences between human hair and synthetic hair wigs


Difference between human hair and synthetic hair wigs
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Made from 100% human hair• Quality and longevity: Good quality human hair would last longer than synthetic hair.• Styling and versatility: Human hair requires more styling and maintenance than synthetic hair. It can be curled, bleached and dyed, which gives it more versatility.• Unfortunately human hair reacts to weather just like natural hair, meaning it can frizz in wet weather hence requiring high maintenance as earlier stated.• It is much more fragile than synthetic hair. Using the wrong products and styling techniques can damage the hair fibres.• If you’re looking to splurge on your hairstyles, human hair wigs are perfect for your because they are expensive. 


Difference between human hair and synthetic hair wigs
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There are many advantages of synthetic hair wigs, such as the cost and maintenance culture. •  They are less expensive than human hair so if you’re on a budget, this is the best alternative for you. • Curls produced from synthetic hair are permanently designed into the hair which means the style will always maintain its look. It would require less manipulationShop all synthetic wigs from All Things Savvy  Coupon Codes• Regardless of weather, its style can be kept and no unwanted frizz whatsoever will occur. • High quality synthetic wigs can look just as natural as human hair wigs especially heat friendly synthetic wigs which are less shiny, hence giving it a more realistic look.• Although it doesn’t last as long as human hair, the price makes up for it.Human hair is a good choice if you need more flexibility with styling. If you’re on a budget or just starting out your wig journey and you need a more affordable, stylish alternative; premium fibre synthetic hair wigs are perfect for you.

Written by Enobong Umoren