We love hairstyles that are easy to get by. Not met anyone who enjoyed sitting for long hours to get a hair-do, or have you? If you’re like me that likes the easy life of getting my hair done fast, let me introduce you to 7 quick and easy hairstyles to try on the go for black hair.

1. Wash And Go

This is one of my go-to hairstyles. It’s one method to defining your natural texture.

Here’s a tutorial by DisisReyRey on how to get the look:

2. Twists Out

I love this hairstyle. It involves dividing your hair into sections, twisting the sections, allowing them to dry and set, and then unraveling the twists to achieve gorgeous waves.


3. Braid Out

Braid outs are similar to twist outs. Same technique but involves braids.

Nae2Curly made the perfect braid out tutorial

4. Perm Rod Set

The outcome of this hairstyle is breathtaking and if you need a sign to try out this hairstyle, then you got it. Watch here on how to achieve this look


5. Afro Ponytail

You can get this done in a few minutes. All you need is a good styling gel, a straightening brush and an edge brush. To shop afro ponytail wigs click the link  here.


Afro Puff Ponytail Tutorial link


6. Afro Clip-ins

I love clip-ins of every variety. Afro kinky, kinky curly, kinky straight and silky clip ins. They are a quick way to add length and volume to your natural hair.


How to Install 4C kinky clip ins: Tutorial


Shop Fibre Kinky clip-ins  here

7. Bantu Knots

Of the 7 quick and easy hairstyles to try on the go for black hair, bantu knots is one of my favourite.

Bantu Knot tutorial on 4C hair using All Things Savvy 16” Deepwave Curls: 

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