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Crochet braids have made a comeback and have slowly become a popular go-to protective hairstyle for naturalistas. They are our favorite protective hairstyles because of how natural the styles can look and they allow you to wear your hair in many stylish ways with little manipulation, with crochet hair the styling possibilities are endless.

What are crochet braids:

 They are also known as latch hook braids and involve crocheting fibre hair extensions to a person’s natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook.

They are protective hairstyles and are low cost, low maintenance and super easy to install and take down.

How are crochet braids installed?

Crochet braids. All Things Savvy

Crochet hair are installed by looping desired hair extensions through one’s natural braided hair with a crochet pin and the right technique and hair, it would look like it’s growing out of your scalp

It takes 2-3 hours to install which can be done yourself or by a hair stylist

How many packets of crochet braids do you need?

It would all depend on the kind of look you want to achieve and the brand of hair extensions you use. Typical you will need 4-6 packs of hair but with All Things Savvy crochet, you will need 2-4 packs of hair.

How can you maintain crochet?

Crochet braids can last for a few weeks or even up to a month but it all depends on how you maintain them.

Curly crochet:

Moisturise with water and conditioner. Use sparingly.

To detangle, section and comb moisturised hair gently with a wide tooth comb from bottom to top(loose curls). Us your hands for tight curls. .

Use a hair serum for extra shine, polish and frizz control Trim if necessary

Pack hair up in a bun and use a satin bonnet before bed.

Do not use heat

Faux Locs, Braids & Twists:

Re-wrap frizz on locs or trim

For locs with curly ends, braids and twists apply hair mousse.

Apply hair serum to both for extra shine.

Do not use heat.

To reap the full benefits of protective styles, it’s important to have a good maintenance culture for your real hair underneath.


Written by Tatyana Effa

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