Braids will forever remain a classic. You can take your braids a notch higher by putting them into a ponytail. I carefully handpicked best ponytail braid styles for you. Let’s dive in to see 11 best African ponytail braids for black women 2023.

1. Stitch Braids Ponytail

I absolutely love this hairstyle. The creativity that comes with the stitch-like braids and of course how it sits on the head like a crown and drops down below the back

2. Fulani Ponytail Braids

Here is why it is named Fulani ponytail braids; because this style is most commonly seen among an African tribe called the Fulanis. It has a couple of braids coming from back and dropping in front, laying just beside the ear. You can choose to accessorise with coral beads or cowries.

3. Big and Small Ponytail Braids

Commonly known in some parts of Nigeria as “rice and beans”. You can achieve it by making one large braid, followed by a small braid, the same pattern repeated till finish.

4. Fishbone Ponytail

This hairstyle gives an illusion of a fishbone. It is one of my favourite hairstyles to have on.

5. Criss-cross Ponytail Braids

The name of this style says it all. Make a few braids in a criss-cross and turned into a ponytail.

6. Half Up and Half Down

Part of the braids are made to fall below at the back while the rest are made into an up-do.

7. Plain Braids Ponytail

If you’re looking to go simple yet stunning, this is your go-to ponytail braid

8. Centre Part Ponytail Braids

You can never go wrong with a center part ponytail. This is one of my favourite African ponytail braid for black women.

9. Ombre Ponytail Braids

It’s okay to have a colour blend of braids wrapped into a ponytail.

10. Curly Tips Ponytail Braids

Curls can never be boring. Next time you consider a ponytail braid, add some curls to the tip of your hair extension.

11. Braided Ponytail With Bangs

Up-do braids and bangs is a chic hairstyle that one should try at least once in her lifetime.

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